We are a campus ministry at the University of Cincinnati: experimental, welcoming, and neighborhood-based. Our neighborhoods are spread across the campus. The Edge House building itself is like the inn in the parable of the Good Samaritan: a place for reflection and revitalization on the Christian journey, a place for healing, a place of storytelling, and a place of transition. People of all denominations, faiths, and lack-of-faiths are welcome.

The things we do are divided into three main categories which we try to balance:


Things we do with God

Find here NOSH, retreats, pilgrimages, and Holy Week/Easter!

God, of course, isn't actually up in the sky--"up" is more about our relationship with the Divine. What is that relationship like? How do we see the divine in the people and world around us? How does God both comfort and challenge us? Check out the ways we practice our spirituality!


Things we do with our community

Find here board games, bread guild, anime guild, writers guild, D&D groups, discipleship, the Extravaganza, and our Rule of Life!

We take care of each other, sometimes with fun, sometimes with intentional conversation, sometimes with food, sometimes just with sitting together. Check out the ways we practice caring for the members of our community!


Things we do with other communities

Find here red couch, coffee cart, service trips, garden, housemates, LGBTQ Center, CCM office hours, and Something More!

Giving away what we have without expecting anything back is our way of sharing the unconditional love of God. We give away coffee, time, welcome, vegetables. Check out the ways we practice kindness with our neighbors!


What's Happening now


Sign-Ups And SuRveys

Nosh Food: Provide food for NOSH!

Nosh Plans: Do students want to share something at NOSH? Or maybe suggest a song for us to sing?

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