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summer 2018


Pastor Alice is on sabbatical this summer May 7-August 5. It's a time of rest and rejuvenation for her and we ask that you do not contact her while she's on sabbatical. Andrew Kutcher is her pastoral and event-planning replacement for the summer. Please message him and he'll help you get the information or connection you need. So much more below!

Photo by Alice Connor.

Photo by Alice Connor.

Espresso cart and red couch

We're doing to do a TON of espresso and red couch-ing over the summer to have good conversations, share love with the campus, and invite incoming students to check out the Edge House. (Truly, this is replacing our normal table at orientation, so we need all of you to be there at some point. Please.)

WE NEED YOU TO HELP: sign up here!

Photo by Alice Connor.

Photo by Alice Connor.

Who to contact about what

Here are some people you might want to be connected with over the summer:

  • If you want to talk about NOSH, discipleship, personal or spiritual questions, or general Edge House information, please message Andrew Kutcher at chuckerfer@gmail.com. He is the primary contact in my absence and our peer pastor. Andrew is also a good “clearinghouse” person—he can help you get to whomever you actually need.
  • If you’d like to talk to a more official pastor-type person, Jamie Noyd is around all summer as well and you can message her at  jamie.noyd@intervarsity.com. If you’d like to have a serious/spiritual conversation with someone more on the atheism spectrum, you can message our other housemate Bart Campolo at bartcampolo@gmail.com.
  • If you’d like to speak with an actual pastor, the clergy from our sponsoring parish Good Shepherd are ready to speak with you. Message Pat Badkey, Heidi Johns, or Alex Hoops via www.goodshepherd.com.
  • If you want to talk about or volunteer in our garden, please message Elsa at kennedyelsa@gmail.com.
  • If you would like to reserve space in the building, have concerns about the building itself, or need to be reimbursed for something, please message Jamie Noyd at jamie.noyd@intervarsity.com.
  • If you’d like to talk about espresso, our espresso cart, or the Red Couch, please message “Big Bean” Rose Ford at kfbookworm13@gmail.com.
  • If you have information you need to send to the Edge House community, please message Andrew Kutcher chuckerfer@gmail.com AND Seth Diehm diehmsr@mail.uc.edu.



What is sabbatical, anyway?

Click the photo at left to see Alice's (brief!) blog about her sabbatical!

The goal of a clergy sabbatical, according to the Southern Ohio diocese’s website (diosohio.org) is to "not only nurture body and soul, but also (to) pursue an area of theological interest that will result in acquiring new skills, increased spirituality, increased effectiveness in ministry and/or personal growth and refreshment.” my sabbatical team is calling this a kind of transformation or even “rebooting” and, tongue-in-cheek, “Alice 6.0.”

I am beginning to feel the effects of overextending myself. I’m physically and, increasingly, emotionally exhausted. Because I struggle with resting my body, mind, and heart in my everyday life, we see this time as one of intentional practice of rest as well as an energy-producing time. That is, I spend a lot of energy pouring out for others and we expect this time will fill me up. We also see this sabbatical time not as a magical pill but an encouragement for me to be intentional about resting more and differently in the lead-up to it.

We hope that in the end, I will be re-energized for the amazing work we do at the Edge House and will be able to bring back some new insights from other writers, from my own writing, and from listening to God more intentionally.


Thoughts from Andrew