Saturday, October 1, 2016
Welcome to Campus!
Here are some important things coming up soon:
  • Board game night is the second Friday of each month starting at eight! Come to play and socialize!!  The next one is Oct. 14th.
  • Our annual retreat this year is to Columbus from Oct 21-23!
  • There is a 22K walk in support of vets coming up on October 8th.  Talk to Alice for details!
  • The first Saturday of the month is bread baking.  The next one is October 1st!!!  Come and join us at 4pm to help bake and distribute bread :)
  • Alice is going to offer an Enneagram class a little later in the semester. Also, she’d love to practice doing a personality typing interview with you. If you want to join/learn, let me know.
  • Would you like to speak at NOSH about our Rule of Life or why bits of the liturgy are meaningful to you? You can sign up here:
  • Stop by on Mondays at six for Brew and Banter with Chris Bean.  This is a great opportunity to learn how to make great coffee and talk about life. 
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