Friday, February 12, 2016
Misc Winter Fun!

Happy Advent, friends! It’s also National Roof Over Your Head Day, so thank goodness for that! It’s almost the end of the semester (yikes!) but also time for Exam-mas! Check out our study-break events:

  • Saturday, Dec 5: movie marathon, 2pm-midnight. Elf is already on the docket. What else? Come for one movie, stay for them all!
  • Sunday, Dec 6: NOSH field trip (with venue change), 5:45pm-8pm or so. We’re connecting with other intentional communities, no longer competitive carol-singing (because of Reasons) BUT same people and even more fun people at a thing called Advent Magic. We will still sing! And there will be pot-luck! Now with bonus driving in a car to Northside! Seriously, though, it’ll be great.
  • Monday, Dec 7: Zoo lights, 6:30-8:30pm. Meet at the Edge House to head over and see the Festival of Lights at the Zoo. preeetty. Take some cash if you want some hot, spicy nuts. And you do.
  • Tuesday, Dec 8: Misc Winter Fun! 7-9pm or so. Christmas Cookies, S'mores, fire pit, boardgames, and general christmas fun!
  • Wednesday, Dec 9: CCM symphony orchestra, 7:30-10pm. Free! Get your classy on. Dress up a bit and meet at the Edge House at 7:30pm.
  • Thursday, Dec 10: arts n crafts with Taylor, 7-9pm. Crafts TBA.

Also, three important things:

  • Next semester’s discipleship groups are forming. Check out this doodle poll and let me know when you’re available: What the groups focus on each semester is determined by the group itself with my guidance—so we could talk about Enneagram 101 stuff, we could do Christianity 101 (church history, where the bible came from, what it says, liturgy, theology, etc.), we could have check-in and accountability conversations, we could read short excerpts of spiritually rich things, or something else. They’re great! Hope you’ll sign up.
  • Spring Break is coming! I know, it’s early, but if you’re interested in our local service trip, please let me know and give me your $75 cost asap. Actual deadline will be January 15. More info will be forthcoming, but for now, we’ll stay at the Edge House, volunteer at a variety of local service agencies during the week, see the sights of scenic Cincinnati in the evenings, and have optional trips to local churches for Holy Week services, including our annual Easter Vigil at the end of the week. Yes, it is also Holy Week. Wild. The $75 covers food, transportation, and donations to the service agencies where we will work.
  • NOSH Christmas is the first Sunday when we get back from break, January 10. We do a white elephant gift exchange at 4:30 (definitely before NOSH!) and then have a festival dinner complete with lots of carol singing!
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