Saturday, December 3, 2016
Welcome to Campus!
Here are some important things coming up soon:
  • The coffee cart is going on campus next Wednesday meeting at the edge house at 9:30.  
  • This Saturday is bread baking.  The next one is December 3rd!!!  Come and join us at 4pm to help bake and distribute bread :)
  • We are beginning to move furniture on Wednesday noonish through the whole afternoon. You should text Andrew (or if you don't have his number, Alice) to let him know if you are coming.


The Three Days of Examas will be happening next week... (will be finalized later this week)

  • Monday will be cookie baking and decorating with Kyrie at 6 pm
  • Tuesday will be Ugly Sweaters with Oliver and Makenna at 5pm 
  • Wednesday Andrew will be Elf at 7pm


Things for after break...

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