Friday, August 26, 2016
Welcome to Campus!
Classes start August 22, so move-in and Welcome Weekend are almost here! Looking forward to meeting y’all at some point. Check us out if you can! We’ll be in the following places that weekend:
  • Arts n Crafts in the art garage: August 18, 1-3pm at the Edge House (3007 Clifton Ave—just off campus) for art projects and espresso and just chatting. Very chill.
  • Holy Grilled Cheese!: August 18, 9-11pm in front of TUC with the rest of the Campus Ministries Association. Free grilled cheese. :)
  • Giant-Sized Settlers of Catan: August 20, 1-3pm in either TUC atrium or out front on the TUC porch. It’s Settlers like you’ve never seen it before! Come to play or watch.
  • Board Game Extravaganza: August 20, 9pm-midnight in TUC food court. All the games. Seriously. Bring your own if you like. Prize drawing at the end.
  • NOSH (dinner church): August 21, 5:45-7:30pm at the Edge House (3007 Clifton Ave—just off campus). It’s dinner, it’s church, it’s dinner church! But seriously, it’s a good, deep time. Followed by board games. Because we love board games. Can you tell?
  • Red couch: most days out on campus somewhere. Come and chat!

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