Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Welcome to Campus!

Every year in the Fall we do an extravaganza and reading of the rule where we go and do something fun and then go over our Rule of Life. This year we have had a lot of people join since the fall so we will be going bowling and read our rule the 24th at 7! Coming? Let Alice know. 

Join the Edge House as it goes to Camp Kern March 3-5 with Jacob's Porch. Let Alice know by Sunday the 19th if you plan on going.

March's bread guild intersects with the retreat so join us on Februray 25 at our new time of 2-6 to bake bread!

There is a Spring Break trip to Hocking Hills from March 15-18. The cost is $25 plus around 15ish for food. Money due the 2/26. 

Alice will be doing an Enneagram 101 class on March 11th from 1-3. 

Movie night is Tuesday!

Game night is the second Friday of the month at 8pm. Come and eat pizza and play games!

Would you like to speak at NOSH about our Rule of Life or why bits of the liturgy are meaningful to you? You can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yuoH7Kgl8ccGtiWxi8-0rWr-vBWCAPz1NbZK3N-j5Y8/edit?usp=shar


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