Friday, December 15, 2017
Welcome to Campus!

A Brief description of different events we do!


Nosh: Nosh is our weekly dinner church! We will read and discuss scripture, pray, sing, and share the Body and Blood of Christ, all while enjoying one another’s company and home-made food.

Discipleship:  Time we set aside in small groups each week to practice curiosity, intentionality, and presence in a welcoming community. Basic outline: focus, read, share, discuss.

Game Night:  Is one of our most attended events, running once a month on the second Friday at 8pm.  It is a great time where we eat pizza and play games!

Bread Guild: meets once a month typically on the first Saturday to bake and give away bread! This is a great chance to learn the basics of bread baking or to try a new recipe.  Typically 2-4 different types of bread will be made.

Journey: is a fellowship and bible study where we discuss how to pursue Christ as college students. We engage in community building activities, diving deeper into scripture, and creating a supportive environment of like believers. Join us on Thursdays at 7pm at the Edge House!

Movie Night:  Is a weekly events where a group gathers in the Edge House basement to watch movies and hang out.  Typically 7pm on Saturdays .

Extravaganza and Reading of the Rule:  Is an evening in the Fall where of fun where with getting to know each other better plus the annual reading of what we value (called our Rule).

Diocesan Retreat in Fall:  Is a multi-church gathering in which we spend a weekend in Hocking Hills enjoying nature and each other’s company.  This year it is expected to be October 13-15.

Red Couch: We have a literal read couch that is on wheels!  We take it on campus and chat.

Coffee Cart: We provide free high quality espresso to campus and to various churches in the area.

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