Saturday, June 25, 2016
Growth at the Edge House
Very Important Things happening soon-ish at the Edge House:
  • Chris Bean, our coffee guru, is preaching at Good Shepherd, our sponsoring parish, tonight and tomorrow! 5pm tonight, 8, 9:30, and 11am tomorrow. Address of the church is 7701 Kenwood Road. Dress up a little if you’re coming, but don’t worry about it too much. 
  • Espresso fundraiser at Hope Lutheran the next week, April 10. Meet at 7:30am at the Edge House to load up. We return by 12:45pm, probably. A fun event whether you can pull shots or not! Let me know if you’re coming.
  • Free espresso at DAAP either April 18 or 20 (do you have a preference?), 9pm-midnight. Free espresso on campus one morning during exam week as well. We need socializers and shot-pullers for both!
  • Bread-Baking at the Edge House! April 23, 10am-3pm (or so) we’ll make three different kinds of bread and then y’all can take them and give them away—to students, to homeless people, to your parents, strangers on the bus, whomever. God’s love shared in tasty, tasty bread. Let me know if you’re coming.
  • Senior Godspeed NOSH, April 24. It’s a regular NOSH only there will probably be some tears as we say goodbye to our seniors. Also we give them a gift and also tell them how great they are and/or how they have affected our lives. So be thinking on that.
  • Pilgrimage to San Francisco, probably May 3-8. Cost is your plane ticket which recently was $250, but will likely be more. IMPORTANT: you can get your own ticket to and from SF on those dates if you would prefer OR you can pay me for it and I’ll buy it. Just let me know/give me the $ by April 15. We’ll be visiting St. Gregory of Nyssa (kind of a godmother church to the Edge House), Grace Cathedral (art installations, labyrinth!), Castro district, botanical gardens, and other places those going want to see with their own eyes. Most other costs covered by our mission fund (going out to dinner will be on you, but transportation and housing and regular meals on me). Cool? Cool.

Very Important Other Things, so please read:

  • Please take a moment to go up to the Prayer Room at the Edge House and answer the questions on the wall with post-its. I really, really value your thoughts and experiences.
  • Anyone want to do a summer book group? We’ve read different things in the past—up to whomever’s here. Kind of a casual discipleship group. Let me know.
  • We need someone to mow the yard over the summer weekly. You can get volunteer hours for it and the satisfaction of a job well done…or I can find some meagre funds to entice you…
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