Monday, November 30, 2015

What is NOSH?

You might be wondering what this “NOSH”-thing is all about. We’ll, I’ll tell you. When Jesus and his disciples celebrated the Last Supper, most of them weren’t aware that it was the last supper—it was just a supper. It was very likely to have been another in a long line of communal meals, time for the inner circle to unwind, debrief, pray, and enjoy one another. When Jesus said, “Take and eat, do this in remembrance of me,” it’s very possible that he meant, “Whenever you eat together, remember me.” That is, whenever you share a meal—Sunday or not, in church or not—remember Jesus and what he said and did. Thus, our weekly worship at the Edge is embedded within our weekly dinner. We will read and discuss scripture, pray, sing, and share the Body and Blood of Christ, all while enjoying one another’s company and home-made food.

More info for food-prep volunteers here.


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