Sunday, July 24, 2016
How to Donate
  • We need your financial and relational support. Please make out checks to "Good Shepherd Lutheran Church" with "campus ministry" in the memo line. Good Shepherd in Kenwood has assumed oversight and inspiration of the Lutheran Campus Ministry at UC and the congregation is fired up for campus ministry! The congregation has committed a portion of its budget to salary and program support
  • Or, if you are more inclined to offer services or materials for use in the ministry, please check out our Edge House Wish List.
  • Or, join us for Nosh: homemade dinner with communion built-in. We'd love for you and one or two of your friends to make and share dinner at The Edge House on a Sunday evening. We'll read from scripture and celebrate communion while we share casserole, fried chicken, or filet mignon. Click here for more information.
  • Or, you could spend a couple hours a week at the Edge House, holding down the fort and chatting with students who stop by. Check out the sign-up here.
How to
Refer a Student

Know a student about to go to UC?

Think a professor or returning student you know would dig The Edge House?

We'd love to hear about him or her. Send Alice an email (pastor [at] edge [dash] uc [dot] org) with his or her name, email, and phone number.

How to Tie Your Shoes

You'll need a pair of sneakers with soft laces. A pair because you'd look awfully silly in only one shoe, but don't let us get in the way of your sartorial splendor. Soft laces because, depending on your manual dexterity, you may need to practice.

Tighten the criss-crossed parts of the laces to your desired level of tightness. Taking the trailing lace from the right-hand side, fold back on itself to form a loop. Holding the trailing lace from the left-hand side, wrap the loop once in a counter-clockwise direction, making sure that there is a little slack. Insert a loop from that left-hand lace into the slack of the wrapping. Carefully pull the loops in opposite directions, being careful not to pull the tips of the laces (sometimes called floogle-binders) through. Adjust to your aesthetic specifications.